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About mamie coco atelier

Hi! I'm Laura

Every item here is handmade by me at my studio in Bristol.

I have loved jewellery making since I can remember, as an outlet and something I love to share with others.

I never thought this could become anything more than a hobby but in 2021 I decided to take a leap of faith and create Mamie Coco Atelier.

I work from my studio with the company of my tailless black cat Mogli and the help of my partner (who has created the logo and often helps me with packing your orders).

I am truly in love with starting with some sterling silver or gold-filled wire, a bunch of tools, and gemstones and ending up with something beautiful and unique that brings me - and you - joy!

Mamie Coco is a tribute to my Mamie (nana) Colette whom I love and miss dearly.

I am so happy to have you here!

Laura from Mamie Coco Atelier
Flowers in Pocket

What inspires me

My jewellery is inspired by everything natural but mostly botanical nature, and very especially wildflowers. I love photographing wildflowers in the park on a walk and often research nature colour palettes and flip through botanical books to find inspiration. I am an abstract painter lover - which is something I definitely bring to my jewellery by combining colours in harmony to bring you the feel of what has inspired me.

I believe in jewellery that is original, ethically made, comfortable, good quality and lasts and hope my jewellery empowers those who wear it.

Thank you for supporting me!

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