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All items are delivered in a beautiful gift pouch, including a jewellery box, polishing cloth and jewellery care guide

Embrace the captivating elegance of the Anemone Drop Earrings, where a luminous green amethyst takes the spotlight, radiating a soft, ethereal hue reminiscent of lush spring foliage.


Artisanally crafted, these earrings feature a delicate green amethyst adorned with a dainty pearl drop, each element evoking the delicate beauty of an anemone in full bloom. The pearl, akin to a glistening dewdrop, adds a touch of grace and sophistication to the ensemble.

Bound by the intricate dance of 14k gold-filled wire, these elements come together harmoniously, creating an elegant embrace that accentuates the natural beauty of the gems and pearls.


Pair the Anemone Drop Earrings with the matching Anemone Necklace to complete your ensemble with a coordinated and enchanting allure that encapsulates the delicate charm of nature's exquisite creations.

Anemone Green Amethyst and Pearl Drop Earrings

  • Handmade using 14k Gold-filled, Green Amethyst and Freshwater Pearl

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