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All items are delivered in a beautiful gift pouch, including a jewellery box, polishing cloth and jewellery care guide

Embrace the allure of the captivating Blossom Drop Earrings, where a resplendent large faceted pink amethyst takes center stage, exuding a soft, captivating hue reminiscent of delicate spring blossoms.


Crafted meticulously with a cluster of tourmalines, each gem a vibrant testament to the palette of a blooming garden, these earrings are a testament to nature's kaleidoscope. The tourmalines, reminiscent of floral buds, evoke the essence of a flourishing garden in full bloom.


The intricate dance of the 14k gold-filled wire gracefully embraces these gemstones, lending an elegant touch and accentuating the natural beauty of the ensemble.


Inspired by the vibrant hues and delicate intricacies of blossoming flowers, these earrings encapsulate the essence of a garden in its prime. They celebrate the harmony between natural beauty and skilled artistry, inviting you to adorn yourself with the timeless elegance found within the heart of a flourishing garden.

Complete your ensemble by pairing with the matching Blossom Necklace.

Blossom Pink Amethyst and Tourmaline Drop Earrings

  • Handmade using 14k Gold-filled, Pink Amethyst and Tourmalines

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