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All items are delivered in a beautiful gift pouch, including a jewellery box, polishing cloth and jewellery care guide

Experience the captivating charm of the Camellia Earrings, where the mesmerizing beauty of a large faceted pink amethyst takes the spotlight, exuding a gentle, captivating hue reminiscent of delicate spring blossoms.


Crafted meticulously with a lustrous pearl delicately wrapped in 14k gold-filled wire, these earrings evoke the elegance of nature's floral inspiration. The graceful embrace of the wire around the pearl mirrors the delicate petals of a blooming camellia flower, adding a touch of sophistication to the ensemble.


The Camellia Earrings offer a unique blend of pink amethyst's allure and the classic elegance of a wire-wrapped pearl, allowing you to infuse your style with the grace and beauty of nature's delicate creations.


Complete your ensemble by pairing these earrings with the matching Camellia Necklace for a harmonious and enchanting look.

Camellia Pink Amethyst and Pearl Drop Earrings

  • Handmade using 14k Gold-filled, Pink Amethyst and Freshwater Pearl

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