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All items are delivered in a beautiful gift pouch, including a jewellery box, polishing cloth and jewellery care guide

A stunning pair of pearl earrings, handcrafted from 14k gold-filled and adorned with elegant clusters of moonstone and labradorite and a large grey pearl drop.


Discover elegance redefined with our handcrafted 14k gold-filled wire stud earrings. A captivating cluster of grey and white baroque freshwater pearls, labradorites, and moonstones gracefully adorns your ear, exuding a harmonious beauty. Below, a prominent grey baroque pearl dangles, lending an extra touch of sophistication.


Experience a symphony of colors as the grey pearls play with the light, revealing hues of pink, purple, green, and blue – a visual delight. The labradorites showcase their natural labradorescence, casting a mesmerizing blue-green to deep blue sheen.


Designed for special moments, these earrings are perfect for occasions like weddings, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, and as stunning gifts for bridesmaids. Embrace the elegance and splendor these earrings bring to any memorable event or meaningful gesture.


These earrings secure effortlessly with a gold-filled butterfly clasp.

Pearl Labradorite Moonstone Drop Earrings

  • Handmade using 14k Gold-filled, Freshwater pearls, Labradorite and Moonstone

    Approximate diameter of earring: 1.4 cm
    Approximate length (including pearl drop): 2.8 cm

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